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Was Life Really Simpler 'Back In The Day'?

In this crazy high tech world, cell phones with heads bent scrolling away, the loss of human connection is more prevalent than ever. Would getting lost in scrolling on my phone be any different than enjoying the quiet of nature with no one around? How can I slow down? Can I afford to slow down? Lawd Jesus, do I need to slow down?

What is crazy is that when I look at the latest craze of decorating, it is from a time of a simpler life, where less was more. I still think about that, that one day I will have that home on 15 acres, it will be quiet (well quiet until the kids and husband wake up) and peaceful. A place to drink my coffee in the morning and a sip of wine in the evening. Course it is Georgia, so a screened-in porch is a must...no peace and quiet if you're swatting the 'skeeters.

When I drive by old homes and barns, I see old memories, but I hear too many people now say, 'oh, that'd be great wood to build with.' Wait...what??? What about the beauty of what it is, what it was? Can't we appreciate the glory and history of the structure without dismantling it to create the illusion of simplicity that already stood?

Hey, I get it; some of those old structures are on their last leg, so I am with you 100% on thinking, "oh wow, what I could do with it." But at the same time, are we too quick to dismantle what was a representation of simplicity to create an illusion of simplicity?

Remember when kids were playing in the fields and running through the woods until dusk. Remember those days?

I didn't have meadows to run through, but I did grow up in the small-town USA and played outside until sunset. Rode my bike for miles. I am not sure if life was as 'simple' back then, growing up, as now that being a working mom, I can relate to how my mom may have felt.

There's never enough time to work, create, clean, drive kids to sports, prep keto paleo low sodium dinners (ha- seriously unless it's steak it doesn't indeed happen for the whole family), etc.

And don't get me started on dusting or getting my hair trimmed.

Then there's the gym...oh the gym. I love my gym, and when I do get there for a brief moment, I am this badass fitness chick killing it with the weights. Tell me you get it?

The quest to create that quiet life continues with my busy schedule. But for now, in the last few days, I have slowed down. I realized I do have a place to sip the coffee. I have sat outside to eat my lunch (yes in the Georgia heat and sun), and even sat on the front porch to sip my coffee (once I got Security Detail 2 off to school). But I did it. For five-ten minutes, I created my pure bliss. No phone, no laptop. Just me and my mug (for the coffee- not the wine). I've watched the pup play in the yard. I enjoyed the quiet of a barking dog in the distance as well as possibly a goat or bizarre cat with their morning greetings.

Later, as the sun has begun to set, I have gone to the back deck, listened to the Godzilla size squirrels playing in the trees, even a cow calling in the distance field. Sometimes one of the puppies sits on my lap to bask in the sun (or wait for a crumb). But I am doing it.

Life is busy. Busy in a way that only we have created and only in a way that we can slow it down.

Am I still running like mad to get the kids to TKD?  Yes.   Am I still working in the shop 10-12 hours to prep for shows?  Yes.  But somehow I am (for now) slowing it down to breathe. I'll enjoy the view of old barns, smile at yesterday's memories, and continue forward. I'm am even in my gym clothes ready to go. I don't know if I can "afford" to slow down, but I know that I can afford to slow it down for five -10 minutes a day.

As I prep for the week (thinking about dinners, TKD schedules, and prepping for shows), I've already front-porched it with my coffee this morning, and that is a great way to start my week. I know I can't recreate the days gone by for myself or the kids, but I can slow it down to create the simplicity today, and today only, and that is what I will do.



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