Journey of SRCF

  • The Rustic Workshop

    Dreams shift and change with time.  Old dreams morph in to new dreams.  Dreams that you want don't always come true and others are presented and turn into something more than you could have every imagined.  In a year of questions, doubts and uncertainty God has a plan.  Enjoy this new dream and what it has become in just six months.
  • From Teacher To Business Owner...What Am I Doing?

    I am a history teacher.  I know squat about business.  Years of studying, teaching, thinking one way of what I was do until I retired, it all changed.  It was not my idea of starting a business.  Been there, done that.  So how the heck did the dream morph from my husband's to mine?  It was his idea!  I'm a teacher- was a teacher.  So how the heck did I end up here doing starting a blog, running a business (when I swore I'd never do it again) and not teach?  Teaching (or so I thought) was my dream.