Ideal Reality

After I found out my second baby was going to be a girl, I started mentally planning their room for when they were older. I had this vision of a cute country style home reminiscent of days gone by splashed with inspirations of Anne of Green Gables era furniture. They were going to have cute Victorian-inspired matching beds, semi-matching bedspreads (that I, of course, quilted myself) with an accented rug for them to play on. They'd have logical and well-decorated storage for all their toys and books and just enough stuff animals nestled on their beds to keep them company at night.  

I had read Country Living and Country Sampler magazines, I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to decorate. I scanned a little of Pinterest but it was not as popular when my girls were babies as it is now. I even had a manila folder set aside to rip out the pages from the magazines. I marked up the ripped out pages with notes in Sharpie so I'd remember exactly what I wanted from the image. 

Fast forward eleven years, I have had to have a 'Come To Jesus' with myself and the my vision of their decorated rooms.  As I stand outside Security Detail 2's (youngest daughter) room I sigh. LAWD.HAVE.MERCY I will have to pre-book her an appointment to be on an episode of Hoarders. I scan the room, observed three baskets of clothes (which ones were dirty verse clean...I cannot tell you because we make them do their laundry). Her dresser, stacked with boxes (microscopes, puzzles, etc), her  My Little Ponies castle she got at 8 years old (she's 11), mixed with markers, paints and a teeny tiny undergarment. I haven't even touched the floor and what is spread about her room. Time after time I tell her, "you don't have to have every space of your wall covered"...but alas she does. Two large castles (inherited from her older sister), more MLP and a lot of  Ever After High and  Monster High dolls. In her defense, the EAH and Monster High castles are huge that any wall space is taken up once they are open and up.  

Then there's my  anime  (Japanese art/cartoons) loving artist whose walls are pink but littered with her various art projects, the floor is scattered with  Copic markers, an easel, and paints but also a ceiling decorated with large paper umbrellas collected from Chinatown. In addition for her love of Japanese and Chinese decorations, she loves Bigfoot and has a metal 3 sign of him and an original 1972 Kiss poster. While her room is not as cluttered on the floor as her younger sister, the walls are her cluttered domain of mess.  

So what's a mom to do?  Please tell me I am not the only one with the stalled pipe-dream?  Shall I wait for them to graduate high school and redecorate to my aspired dream? I just may have too as I let them explore their passions and fun as kids.  My passions are not their passions.  I will keep that dream of decorating a pretty Victorian-inspired girls room in the wings and someday let it stretch and fly.  Until then, I will let it snuggle in and nest to be ready when it's time for my dream to take flight.  



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