Fifty Shades of Grey or Is It Gray?

Fifty shades of grey seem like a popular phrase among "middle-aged" women, especially in the last few years. Except for when I think of fifty shades of grey, it has to do with color palettes and not the movie, book or (and to be honest), my hair. I've never seen the movie, never even read the book (sorry Mel), and haven't started coloring my hair. I heard they're pretty steamy- the film and the book, not the color palette. I wonder if that is a reason that shades of grey are coming into style.

So let me ask you this, would fifty shades of grey- the color palette in farmhouse decorations get you as steamy as fifty shades of grey the movie or the book? I prefer the color. Honestly, I also prefer not to have fifty shades of grey in my hair, which is one of the reasons why I'm doing this blog. I am hoping to keep it down to maybe one or two shades of grey.


I like color; historic colors really. Must be the history teacher in me. Do grays give you the feeling of warmth and welcome? I was researching gray and found some interesting notes on it:

  • It is considered a cool, neutral, and balanced color. 
  • Timeless and practical color. 
  • Dark grays communicate strength and mystery.
  • Light grays are perceived as feminine, while darker grays are masculine. 
  • AKA
    • charcoal, mousy, gunmetal, silver, powder grey, slate, iron-gray, ashen, lead, oyster, or pearl

Would you see it more for a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen as opposed to a living room or bedroom? I could see blending it with some industrial items, like tables, watering cans or wall art, or even some tile- but that would have to have a great design.  

I won't lie, it's 50 shades of a gray area regarding how I feel regarding this trend and whether or not I will add various shades of timeless, practical colors of mystery or strength with shades of feminine mousy pearls that may be masculine and balanced.  


  • The name of the floor please. I love this look.

    Mona Jackson
  • Hello
    I love the color pallet you have on Pinterest with the greys. What is the color of the wood floor?

    Kerry Mohammadian
  • I’m desperate. And need help. I have no clue how to update my new home with color. It’s a very old home good condition but unique. I’ve tried ever grey known to man and none look grey on the wall. Please help.

  • I was wondering about the wood sample in the middle of your greys!? I love and is all the colors. I like the wood floor. We are building up her on Lake Lanier and would maybe like to use a wood like that one. Help a girl out? Find me on my Facebook page LakesideBarnDoors!!

    Andrea Merrill

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