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How Do You Like To Decorate?

One of the most common comments I receive at my shows is that our pieces are unique and different from what everyone else has or at the stores.    

Yes! That is our goal.  

Hey, I love farmhouse décor, it's pretty and simple. And who wouldn't want their home decorated by the amazing Joanna Gaines...But white is not a color we can sustain in a house of 6 (out-laws live with us) and four dogs. 

love deep rich colors for my home. For me, I prefer to decorate geared more towards Americana and primitive. I love deep blues, creams, as well as reds (burnt not barn) to blend in with my antiques.  

My decorating must blend in with the fact that we "live in our home". That means I can't worry about the perfect showpiece(s).  

Also, I can’t afford to decorate with each passing trend.  I need my pieces to last.  Can I get an AMEN? 

When people walk into our home, they say it reminds them of a mini Cracker Barrel.  

And you know what? That works for me (and my goal as a former history teacher)! 

I love it when I hear people chatting at the shows as they walk through our booth, and they comment on our stovetops saying, "oh my mee-maw use to have one of these!"    

That is our goal, whether, with the stovetops or iron taper holders, we want to take you back to the grand memories of growing up to simpler times of family, faith, and conversations on the front porch. 

As our business expands, I vow to cater to women (and men) like us.  It is a more unique corner of the market when it comes to decorating style, but that is OK with us.  

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.  

When you shop in our online store or at our booth, you'll find just that. You'll always find timeless, affordable decor that you'll love and enjoy showing off to your guest.  

I hope you'll stop by soon and share your story with us! We'd love to help you find something that fits just right into your home!

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