Am I Better If I Fail?

  • When Failing Makes Them (Me) Better...At Least I Hope

     In between the journey of trying to start, make and succeed with a business I play another role, and that is Mom. I am Mom to two young ladies.   So how does this relate to business? In my head, I think it's about the journey, about taking the time to recognize the effort you (I mean me) put into it. To reflect on what I have done well with and not what I have done wrong, but what I could better with for the future. Do I Tiger Mom myself? You bet. They say we are our own worst critics, right? I will continue to work on myself and recognize what is going well and good things that happen. I will recognize Detail 1 and 2 and what they do right. I will reflect on what I could do better with the next show or next product. I will ask each Detail to self reflect (as oppose to offering what I think they could do different) and with hopes guide them in their thoughts of improvement.